What is an Estimator

An Estimator is an experienced surveyor skilled in the art of , construction manager, foreman, buyer, Bonus Clerk, Architect and Engineer and Quantity surveyor, Project Planner, who examines a project build drawings in detail, and abstracts all the work operations are required to complete the build and applies values for labour and materials operations, and writing a story Book, listing all the required elements of the build and projecting all necessary costs.

An experienced estimator can assess the actual work on site requirement that are usually not detailed on drawings, Items such as forming a new door opening in an existing wall. This new opening may require several operations of work such as supporting any heavy walls above, Diamond saw cutting brickwork Taking down the are of brickwork within the new opening , building in stell or concrete lintels, making good jambs with plaster, installing sub linings and door linings, installing  sourcing costs for doors, and Ironmongery making good the floors where brickwork removed.

Good Estimators will calculate the current cost of a project based on current up to date information. Others such as site QS’s use past data to price projects, Contracts manager guess the best cost outcome to suit their overall needs.