The Benefits of a Well Priced Design and Build Project

The Benefits of a Well Price Design and Build Project

A well-priced project.

Currently, there are articles in the Trade press about lack of funding from banks for building contractors.

This is due in part to the highly publicised demise of Carillon last year this has led to a tightening of Bank lending to construction companies. Builders merchants whilst insuring most debts are finding that they are being asked to chase Builders for prompter payments from Building companies and Subcontractors are being asked to work to extended payment period.

Building owners need the knowledge that any tendering contractor for their project works has considered all the requirements and that the contractors have priced a project correctly.

Banks (both client and contractors Lenders ) will also look for confidence at how a contractor is pricing projects and the fact that they know that the contractor is taking all consideration and resources when tendering projects by having a well researched and prepared tender  document to base his bid on.

Accurate Bills of Quantity seem to be a thing of a bye gone day with contractors now having to take up all risks. That’s where Willow Estimating Ltd can assist by retaining our services to produce a well thought out B of Q  and a fully structure first principle pricing.

Retaining of a seasoned estimator working on a contractor’s behalf will demonstrate to your clients and Banks  that all due care is taken by your company when pricing a project.


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