Design and Build Estimating – Recent Projects

Design and Build Estimating - Recent Projects

Recent Successful Design and Build Projects.
During the past few months, Willow Estimating has worked on the following design and build project estimates for our clients.

  • Conversion of Offices to Flats Newcastle upon Tyne £1.2M
  • Commercial Development on an Industrial Estate comprising 5 nr factory Units Oxford £3.5m
  • Development of 8 nr Bespoke Houses on Essex Housing development £4m
  • New Lidl store in Macclesfield- Full BQ take off and Pricing £8.5m.
  • Proposed Housing infrastructure Road development for 8 houses in Essex. £830K
  • New Ball Room extension to a Country Hotel in Co Durham £350K
  • House Estimate (take off and price up) Co Durham £250K
  • Barn Conversion – Northumberland-£350K
  • Budget Cost plan for the development of 5 nr units (4 houses 1 flat) within M25 London.
  • Numerous House Extension UK wide-ranging £35k to £145K

The above projects were requested to be priced by contractors with varying yearly turnovers from less than £50K up to £30m turnover.

Small Building Company Design and Build Estimates
No matter what the size of your building company, our building clients get our full dedication to their design and build projects. Smaller building companies are reliant on our services to ensure that all elements are considered and covered.

Large Building Company Design and Build Estimates
Larger building companies which traditionally add a small margin on to build projects are reliant that their estimate has been priced with due consideration to competing for market forces.


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