Cost of tendering

With a 30% to 35% drop in the amount of Project tendering work since last year, the requirement to have a project Priced correctly is even more crucial in todays market.

Contractors need to be more selective on which tenders to price out.

We at Willow Estimating Ltd will work as an extension to the contractors own construction team, and our fixed price fee for preparation of tenders being a key factor in considering to tender or not.

When preparing an Estimate we try to source materials from as many suppliers as possible, to ensure the current market price is used in the tender.

With our Conquest Estimating system, once a rate has been created it can be amended later extremely quickly, if an alternative price to the original use is located.

We also find that Domestic subcontractors don’t always have the time to price Builders speculative tenders, so we are able through experience price up any missing subcontract works.

Our tenders are fully broken down and any client input can be easily amended within the Tender.