Conversion of Office Block to 30nr Flats


Conversion of an 1970’s Office Block to Flats in North Shields: Originally a Government office converted into 30 Luxury Flats- Conversion cost Circa £1.8m

During Construction                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Completion



Refurbishment with additional New external windows to Gable Brick Panels and all existing windows replaced. Flats had to have bespoke internal drainage and the ground floor was almost completely removed to allow for the new underground drainage system. Originally designed with  the Ground floor retail and floors 1 to 4 to be flat conversions. During the contract the Developer received an amendment to planning and instructed the Contractor to convert the ground floor to accommodate an additional 6 Nr flats within the layout.

A full Bill of Quant’s was prepared from plans and a brief spec  with Bills of Quant’s reflecting  works to the Demolition- Roof – Fabric Externals and Revised car park layout with Internal Bills and then broken down into Single Flat (30 Nr) requirements was prepared as all Flats on all Floors were a different layout

Fantastic views over the Tyne and out to sea  from the 4th Floor.