Estimator- Winning work

Estimating the potential project cost of a project is not something to be done or taken lightly.

Correct research into the prospective Building project client and their ability to pay for executed work is important.

We have noticed a trend in projects out there where the client is unable to proceed due the higher costs of building works.

So check out your clients financial intention to build as soon as possible. Delays may mean project cost increases

With bank interest rates on the rise, and a reduced number of building owners wanting to invest in property builds, it is now even more important to have a correctly measured and priced tender for submitting.

Long gone are the days when builders could guess and base  a future project Cost based on what was achieved on similar completed builds last year or the previous year.

The last assessable true cost was probably in 2019 pre covid., and as we all know energy markets have caused every building material to have price increases.

Every day we hear of large and small Construction companies going into receivership due to poorly thought out and priced tenders. This is why an up to date tender submission based on todays rates for labour and materials is necessary.

Long gone is the use of the Pricing books for a quick price as they don’t reflect current pricing market trends. (Pricing Books may have been thought and priced and printed years ago).

Be Project specific when pricing projects.